Meet the Young Broker Ambassadors

An opportunity to meet the BIBA Young Broker Ambassadors – a team of talented and pro-active young managers working in a range of broking firms, large and small. With the support of BIBA, the Young Ambassadors are working to provide events, assistance and support to their peers throughout the industry.


Personalities and persuasion

  • Melissa Kidd

While we’re all in the business of influencing and persuading, we are, at the same time all different. This interactive session will focus on how we can recognise different personality styles and adapt our approach to develop stronger relationships. In such a soft market, understanding some of the science behind persuasion and personalities will improve your chances of buy in, change and success.

By the end of the session delegates will be able to:
Recognize the 4 main personality styles and understand what motivates each of them
Use the insight to gain a greater level of self-awareness and appreciate how they may be perceived by others
Adapt style (pace, priority and structure) of communication to improve chances of success


Closing Keynote Speaker to be announced

We are unable to announce the name of this major public figure until nearer the time but rest assured our closing keynote will not disappoint! You must register to attend for Young Broker Day in order to receive your personal invitation to attend this session. All attendees will need to show their place confirmation and photo ID on the day.


Technology and its impact on society, business and individuals

  • Aric Dromi BIBA 2017Aric Dromi
    Chief Futurologist at Volvo

When we think about the future, we tend to think about a world powered by technological gadgets, body enhancements, artificial intelligence, autonomous cars or even flying cars. Maybe the real potential of the future will not be technology for technology’s sake, but the new generation of businesses and societies that occupy the digital landscape and redefine the boundaries of opportunities.

In this session, we will look at the different trends and emerging challenges that will impact society, business and individuals and the sparks of insight and innovation they can ignite.

By the end of this session delegates will be able to:
Better understand the exponential growth of technologies and their impact on society
Get a holistic view of how business will need to re-shape to meet consumers in the future
Grow their knowledge regarding new terminologies, technologies and concepts that can help them better prepare for the future